Pure organic Shea Butter

Organic pure sea butter*
*Certified by bio.inspecta
Origin: Ghana
What is shea butter?
Shea butter (Vitellaria paradoxa) is a tree up to 15 meters high from the savannahs of West Africa. The name shea means butter tree. This tree can live up to three centuries and the diameter of the trunk can measure up to one meter.
Traditionally in West Africa, its fruits are called nuts. These fruits are fleshy drupes with a fine-shelled almond. After boiling and crushing these almonds, a vegetable fat called shea butter is obtained. This substance is edible and traditionally used in local cuisine, it is also used in the chocolate industry as a substitute for cocoa butter. Shea butter is known mainly for its moisturizing properties and it is for this reason it is used in numerous preparations of the cosmetic industry.
What are the properties of shea butter?
- Protective action against dry skin; it moisturizes the skin and hair.
- Protection against solar erythemas (inflammation of the skin characterized by red spots).
- Prevention and treatment for skin aging,it stimulates cell metabolism and it prevents wrinkles.
- Healing wound action, suitable for the treatment of scaly dermis, for dry and cracked hands, for the treatment of ulcers and eczema.
- It protects the skin from the cold. It protects against external aggressions, such as sun, wind or sudden temperature changes.
INCI: Butyrospermum Parkii Butter*.
CAS: 91080-23-8
*Certified by bio.inspecta.
How to use shea butter and what is it used for?
During pregnancy and lactation
Shea butter prevents the appearance and formation of stretch marks during pregnancy.It prevents the formation of cracks in the breast and protects baby skin redness in the diapers zone. It can be applied as many times as necessary.
It is very effective for the elbow and knee joints, toes, heels and nails, so it is highly recommended to use before and after sports exercise as it improves the elasticity of skin and softens calluses in just a couple of applications. Shea butter will provide faster muscle recovery by improving drainage and eliminating toxins.
Hair Care
Shea butter protects hair from sun damage. It has a protective and regenerating effect, restores the hair structure, provides shine, softness and volume.
Very delicate skins
Shea butter is so effective due to its intense and lasting moisturizing power over face and body. It improves skin elasticity due to its nutritive properties and its high content in vitamin F, vital component of the cellular membranes.
It acts as anti-irritant par excellence. So it is very recommended to sensitive skin that reddens easily, with an allergic tendency and for those people who are lying down for a long time, preventing the appearance of sores.
Shea butter provides a natural long-lasting tan. It doesn’t cause pimple. That is why it is recommended to acneic and oily skin.
Weight: 350 gr
Reference: karite
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