Can we create natural and organic cosmetics,
beneficial for the body and environmentally friendly?
The answer is yes.

Our philosophy

Natural Products

We create entirely natural pure and highly effective cosmetics.They preserve the natural aroma and components. They are free of paraffin, parabens, petroleum derivates, artificial preservatives, synthetic dyes, artificial fragrances, petrochemicals or detergents. They have not been tested on animals.
We recover ancient and effective traditions that have survived for generations, improving preparation methods and, therefore, improving hygienic and sanitary conditions existing in the traditional methods.


We respect the environment and reduce the carbon footprint. How? Using non-polluting manufacturing processes (we do not use chemicals and we have no polluting waste), developing biodegradable products and using recyclable materials.
Fair Trade
We respect people through fair trade. We support decent work and decent wage for Moroccan rural women, who are the pillar of the family.

Our method

Hammam Secrets produces only cold-pressed oils from organic farming.
Only cold-pressed oils keep the same biological characteristics that they had in their original package (the seed or fruit), providing nutrients as vitamin E and polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are destroyed in the refining processes of oils and must be replaced by other synthetics.
The extraction of cold-pressed oils is still made simply and manually. The argan fruits are dried, the nut is manually crushed to extract an intact almond. Then the almonds are pressed through a special oil press to give argan oil. It is important that temperature generated by the pressure does not exceed 45ºC to ensure the molecular stability of unsaturated fatty acids and to prevent the dissolution of waxes and other substances. The oil is decanted, filtered in a special oil filter and filled into dark glass bottles to avoid oil oxidation by the action of ultra violet light. The refining is unnecessary and the oil keeps the original smooth taste.

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