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Hammam Secrets Argan Oil: The difference

Hammam Secrets produces an extra virgin argan oil from the collected fruits of wild Argan trees located on the Atlantic coast and in the southwest of Morocco.

The fruits are carefully selected to avoid any animal smell, caused by goats that in their natural environment climb the Argan trees to eat and leave a pungent odor. The seed extraction is manual as has been done traditionally for centuries to preserve the intact seed. Then they are cold- pressed, the oil is decanted, filtered and filled in bottles. Only in this way we get a high quality oil, 100% natural and virgin, preserving antioxidants, all natural properties and the natural aroma of Argan oil.  All industrial processes which heat the oil (refining, deodorization ...) destroy all natural qualities.

Hammam Secrets produces a clean Argan oil because we do not use any solvents, we do not refine or blend with other oils. To preserve the oil from sunlight and heat, Hammam  Secrets fills its Argan oil in dark glass bottles to preserve its natural properties in perfect conditions and avoid oxidation.

Our Argan oil contain no paraffin, parabens, petroleum derivates, artificial preservatives, synthetic dyes, artificial fragrances, petrochemicals or detergents. Neither have been tested on animals. 

For us, each bottle is unique.