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Made in Morocco according to the Moroccan tradition. This soap facilitates the natural and gentle cleaning of the skin without sulphates. It can also be used for traditional exfoliation with the KESSA glove.

Active ingredients: Virgin Olive Oil and Eucalyptus Oil. Hydrates and opens the bronchi.


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The black soap can be applied over the body and on the face, avoiding the eye area. How to use: apply gently over the skin, leave for some minutes to soften dead skin and facilitate the exfoliation using a scrubbing glove made of a granulated fabric (kessa) or a natural sponge (loofah) in order to remove the deepest impurities.

How to use the black soap? We explain how to do it:

Shower gel: Humidify the body with warm water. Take a small amount of black soap and apply all over the body with a gently massage. You can also apply to the hair and scalp. Leave for a few minutes and remove with warm water.

Body scrub: Humidify the body with warm water. Take a small amount of black soap and apply all over the body with a gently massage. Or if you prefer, you can also mix the black soap with some before applying over the body and to the hair. Leave for a few minutes and rinse with warm water.

Then take a KESSA glove previously wet with water and scrub the entire body, starting with your feet to remove dead skin. Rinse with warm water and remove again dead skin using the KESSA glove.
The result is surprising! The skin is cleansed of toxins and dead cells, becomes smoother and supple.

In the Moroccan hammam, the sauna treatment is a ritual: to humidify the skin, apply the black soap to the body, leave for some minutes and clean carefully with a scrubbing glove (Kessa).

The body scrub with black soap is the central treatment in the hammam. If you cannot go to the hammam, you can get all the benefits of black soap at home.
The beldi black soap is the most known black soap in Morocco. It is made of black olive oil, not irritanting to the skin and has soothing and softening properties:

  • Improves the beauty of the skin. It lightens the skin.
  • Removes the whole dirt and dead skin.
  • Softens and nourishes the skin due to the vitamins it contains.
  • Suitable for all skin types.
  • Excellent exfoliator and moisturizer.
  • Purifies and cleanses the skin deeply.

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