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Natural deodorant. Perfume free, alcohol free. No Aluminium Chlorohydrate.

Ingredients: 100% Potassium Alum.

Weight: 120g / 4.23oz

Made in Morocco

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How to use? Wet the stone in water and apply on the skin.

Alum stone has enormous advantages:

It is 100% natural because it contains no chemicals or toxic components. Thanks to its hypoallergenic properties it is suitable for the most sensitive skins. Alum stone is odorless, it isn’t mixed with perfume and doesn’t stain clothes.

It is very easy to use. It is enough to wet the stone and pass it over the area to be treated since the alum is soluble in water.

What is the Alum?

The Alum stone (from the Greek als, alos: Sall), also called Alun, is a double sulphate of aluminum and potassium that is extracted from the quarries of Syria and Morocco.

In Spain, although this concept of natural deodorant has been introduced for several years,there are mainly ammonium alum deodorants, which are synthetic and manufactured from ammonium Asian salts. These are agglomerated before and sold as alum stone. In this case, the aluminum is not hydrated and can be fixed on the skin.

Therefore, an important point when buying the alum stone is to look at the composition: the label must include the identification of “Potassium Alum”.

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